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Like For Like Badge

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The "Bad Decision Club" iron-on patch is dedicated to hairy ones who are way too cool and good at making bad decisions! With this patch your furry one will be the queen/king of the kids! With this badge for dog (or cat), you can customize their bandanas, their clothes or their plaid. This "Bad Decision Club" patch can be applied with an iron quickly and easily. They will look fabulous!

  • To be used to customize a bandana, a sweatshirt, etc...
  • Fixes quickly with an iron
  • Embroidery detail
  • Measures 5 x 4 cm

Step 1
All you need is an iron and something to apply your merit badge on. We love using a simple cotton bandana.

Step 2
Peel back your merit badge from the card backing and ensure the sticky dot has been fully removed.

Step 3
Place your badge in the desired position.

Step 4
Cover the badge with a thin cloth. This helps protect your badge against the heat.

Step 5
Iron with firm pressure for 30-40 seconds. Check the edges of your badge and repeat this step if necessary.

Step 6
Flip your bandana over and repeat Step 5 on the reverse side.

Ensure your badge stays put by stitching the corners down. This can be done now, or as and when you need to. Sometimes the edges may come away from the bandana after lots of wear and washes.

Your badge should now be perfectly attached to your bandana. 

Final steps
Place the new and improved bandana on your dog. Ta-da!

Like For Like Badge
Like For Like Badge
Like For Like Badge
Like For Like Badge