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Beaded Lurcher - Leopard

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Natacha Delbrouck, Belgian designer of the Nata'Chien brand, presents her collection of Leather Necklaces adorned with hand-sewn pearls. Each piece is unique because her wish is that each necklace has its own personal imprint.

Natacha works closely with Maasai women, emblematic people of Africa called Mama's. She leaves freedom to Mama's in the choice of geometric designs which makes each piece unique and not alike. It should be taken into account that the photos are not contractual. The colors shown will be those of your necklace but the geometric shapes differ from one necklace to another. 

Note: Before you order a collar, always check the size chart below. That way you can be sure of the right size for your dog!


We advise measuring your dog's neck before purchasing a new collar to make sure you get the perfect fit. Using a soft measuring tape, measure their neck at the widest point leaving space for two fingers to fit between the tape and the neck so it's not too tight. If your dog is between sizes, we suggest going up a size.

10" = 22 - 28 cm (whippet)
12" = 27 - 33 cm,  (Italian whippet)
14" = 32 - 39 cm, (middle part is 5 cm wide) 
16" = 38 - 44 cm, (middle part is 5 cm wide)
18" = 43 - 49 cm, (middle part is 5 cm wide)
20" = 47 - 54 cm, (middle part is 5 cm wide)
22" = 53 - 60 cm, (middle part is 5 cm wide)

*as an indication depending on the morphology of the dog


Flat collar with a belt buckle type attachment. The width of the collar varies according to its length for a better comfort of the animal.



Premium quality leather comes from a Kenyan tanner The brass buckles are handmade in Kenya and this in recycled brass. The beads are sewn by hand directly onto the leather. Each reference to the same color combinations, only the patterns change according to the mood and desire of Mama's.



For pearls: With a soft cloth and clear water.
For Leather: Clean, moisturize and wax like a nice pair of shoes.

Beaded Lurcher - Leopard
Beaded Lurcher - Leopard
Beaded Lurcher - Leopard