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Bold - Drum Frog Green

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Knitted Alpaca blend jumper

The Bold jumpers is a classic knit, known for its’ light weight and bold legs. Made of a durable Alpaca mix yarn. Alpaca has endless benefits, such as body temperature regulation, anti-odor and softness. Due to their expertise, we have created an ultra-flexible and comfortable fit. Comes with the durable signature tin packaging.

The Bold jumpers is a unique piece of craftsmanship. This Alpaca-blend jumper is designed in the Netherlands and proudly produced in Portugal. Their partner in Portugal is dedicated to create a unique Furmey world after the highest standards. With everything they create together we keep our people, pets and planet in mind. It is among one of the best craftsman factories in Europe. Joining our forces and expertise of high-fashion and pet-fashion, we have been able to create a true piece of durable craftsmanship. We opt to use sources that are no harm to our planet and durable to our people and pets, therefore we have chosen a durable Alpaca-blend made in Italy.

Some Furry facts on our Alpaca blend yarn:

  • Body temperature regulating
  • Anti-odor
  • Durable yarn
  • Ultra-flexible and soft fit
  • Breathable and light weight
  • Washable

Please check the size chart for your correct size before ordering!


Which size fits my furry friend? 

In the size chart, we give examples of breeds to five an indication of each size.

However, to avoid any inconvenience of having to return or exchange an item, we highly recommend to measure your friend following the instructions below.

How to measure? 

  1. Back – measure length from base of the neck to base of the tail
  2. Neck – measure around the neck, allowing room for comfortable neck
  3. Chest – measure widest point around the chest, going all the way around
1.length 2.Neck 3.Chest
XS 22-26cm 20-20cm 30-35cm
S 30-35cm 25-40cm 40-45cm
M 35-40cm 30-55cm 45-50cm
L 40-45cm 35-65cm 50-55cm
XL 45-50cm 40-70cm 55-65cm
XXL 60-65 cm 45-70 cm 65-70cm


Size Breed Kg Lbs
XS/1 Yorkshire, Chihuahua 1-2 2,2 – 4,4
2 Pomerarnian, Petit Brabancon, Toy Poodle, minature Dachshund 2-3,5 4,4 – 7,7
S/3 Italian Greyhound, Jack Russel, Pug, Shih Tzu 3-5 6,6 – 11
4 Dachshund, Cockapoo 5-7 11 – 15
M/5 Wire Fox Terrier, Miniature Doodle, Miniature Poodle, Frenchie, Cocker 6-12 13 – 26
L/6 Whippet, Medium Doodle, English Bulldog, English Cocker spaniel, Shiba Inu 10-18 22 – 39
XL/7 Small Viszla, large Whippet 15-25 33 – 55
XXL/8 Labrador, Large labradoodle, Weimaraner 18-35 39 – 77


0-2.3kg 2.5-5kg 6-12kg 12-18kg 17-27kg 27-45kg


XS    Chihuahua, Mini Pinchar

S      Dachshund,Toypoodle, shih-tzu,Bolonka Zwetna,italian Greyhound

M     Dwarf poodle,Frenchie,King,Charles Spaniel,Teckels,Jack Russel,Schnautzer.

L       English Bulldog ,Medium, Labradoodle, Shiba Inu, Cocker Spaniel

XL     Large Labradoodle ,German Pointer Galgo, KingPoodle  ,Airedale Terrier

XXL   Rhodesian Ridgeback, Weimaraner,Dobermann.

Please note, weight is an indication . Measure Your dog well to be sure of the size.

Bold - Drum Frog Green
Bold - Drum Frog Green
Bold - Drum Frog Green
Bold - Drum Frog Green