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Calm Ears

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Ear cleaner and soother

95% Natural Ingredients - No animal testing/Cruelty free - Toxic free - Vegan

Our pets are our best confidants. And for them to hear all our sorrows and joys (the latter above all) it is essential to keep their ears clean and healthy. Like humans, ear infections in animals can be very uncomfortable.

Did you know that otitis can be caused by many factors? Allergies, parasites such as mites, problems in the usual production of keratin, infections due to bacteria, high production of earwax, abundance of hair in the ear canal, frequent wetting of the ears.

Natural Ear Care from Masco Beauty finds its place in the daily routine of our most faithful companions. You will not be able to live without the treatment in soothing drops that cleans, calms and decongests the ears of dogs and cats, while caring for and avoiding possible injuries or inflammations. Its formula is respectful of the ear canal without parabens and with 95% natural ingredients.

Its formula contains the same pH as the ear canal and its natural ingredients help soften and remove excess wax and dirt without irritating the ear.

Important! Before applying Calm Ears, consciously clean and dry your pet's area.

Recyclable glass / 30 ml


95% Natural Ingredients - No animal testing/Cruelty free - Made in Spain - Toxic free - Vegan


Clean and dry your pet's ear area

Apply 2-3 drops in the external ear canal

Massage the area so that it reaches the interior

Let me shake my head

Remove excess product


Exclusively use for dogs and cats. Use in the external canal of the ear canal. Do not ingest and avoid contact with eyes (animals and humans). If this happens, wash them immediately with water. Keep out of reach of children and pets.


Lavender : calming, relaxing and balancing properties for your pet, perfect to help relieve ear discomfort.
It also has anti-inflammatory benefits and acts as a repellent.


Lavender angustifolia oil, propylene glycol, peg-75 lanolin, p-40 hydrogenated castor oil

Calm Ears
Calm Ears
Calm Ears
Calm Ears