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Goji Berry Bottled Doggy Baking Mix - 750ml

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Packed with goji berries these high-fibre bakes contribute to your dog’s normal, healthy digestion. Bake some yummie treats for your pets! These flavoursome biscuits make a crunchy and nutritious treat for your dog, once you've baked them yourself. Perfect as a reward when training or just as a quick snack.

For an extra special treat, spread some dog-friendly peanut butter over the top. It goes really well. You’ll have plenty to last; a single bottle packs up to 76 treats!

  • No Palm Oil
  • 100% Reusable Glass Bottle
  • Contains Wheat

Content: 1 bottle of doggy baking mix - 750 ml.


All instructions are included on the bottle tag. 

Our products are carefully hand made to create the decorative layers you all love and on occasion the ingredients may settle and sometimes mix during shipping.  Of course if this does happen the fun of the baking and the great taste of our products is unaffected.  You may need to shake the bottles firmly to empty out the contents.

Per Unit Details

Servings Bottle Size Contents Weight
22 750ml 468g



Small dogs (1-9kg) = 3 pieces a day. Medium dogs (10-24kg) 5 pieces a day. Large dogs (25kg and above) 8 treats a day. May be fed at any time of day as a treat, rewards or a tasty addition to your dog’s main meal.

Use our feeding instructions as a general guide to the requirements of a healthy, active dog. Supervise your dog when giving him/her the treat. Clean fresh drinking water should always be available. For your dog’s health, respect the feeding guide and exercise daily.

Composition: Wholemeal Wheat Flour, Oats, Goji Berries, Baking Powder.

Allergen advice: Contains Wheat & Oats. May contain traces of Nuts, Peanuts and Sesame.

Analytical constituents per 100g dry mix: Protein: 12.3g; fat content: 3g; fibre: 13.2g; calcium: 55mg; fatty acids: 0.6g; energy: 322.9kcal. No additives

Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sun. Freeze & defrost baked goods to last longer. 

Once baked store in an airtight container and use within 5 days or freeze for them to last longer. Makes sure these are fully defrosted before giving them to your doggies.

Goji Berry Bottled Doggy Baking Mix - 750ml
Goji Berry Bottled Doggy Baking Mix - 750ml
Goji Berry Bottled Doggy Baking Mix - 750ml
Goji Berry Bottled Doggy Baking Mix - 750ml