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I'm Lost, Somebody Call My Daddy Dog Tag - White

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"There’s no place like home, so don’t be too proud to ask for directions. The 'I'm Lost, Somebody Call My Mama' Dog Tag lets a good Samaritan know you need a little help. This Tag, like all Dog Tags, is like a north star, because it will always help you find your way home. Not only for the physically lost, this tag is great for the existentially lost too. Get the ‘I'm Lost, Somebody Call My Mama’ Dog Tag so you’re never far from a play date.

  • Also available in navy
  • Dimensions: ⌀ 28.58mm
  • Material: Brass, Gold Plating and Enamel

    Add your dog's name or your phone number (optional) on the back for a pet ID tag! Our dog tags come with a split ring so you can easily attach them to your dog's collar.

    How to customize your tag:

    1. Add your dogs name or your phone number in the field 'back engraving' (this is optional)
    2. Add to cart