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Kiss Me | Dental Spray

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Kiss Me is the edible dental spray with specific activity in slowing down and counteracting the formation of tartar and promoting the reduction of stains.
The botanical extracts help to further improve your dog's breath which will be kiss-proof!

  • Sodium hexametaphosphate helps prevent the formation of tartar and surface stains
  • rosemary oil for oral hygiene, exerts a bacteriostatic action
  • bitter orange oil as a natural antiseptic, disinfectant and antibacterial
  • refreshing menthol , helps fight bad breath
  • clean teeth and healthy gums
  • bye bye bad breath
  • 100 ML

Spray directly into the mouth, on teeth and gums. Two sprays a day twice a day!


Composition: Sodium hexametaphosphate.

Additives per Kg:
Organoleptic additives: menthol 1500 mg., bitter orange oil 150 mg., rosemary oil 150 mg.

Analytical Components:
Moisture 98.5%, Protein 0%, Crude Fat 0.3%, Crude Fiber 0%, Crude Ash 1%


Fight bad breath with safe, vet-approved ingredients!

The only ingredient recommended by veterinarians: anti-tartar and anti-stain, hexametaphosphate remains in saliva for up to 12 hours: it binds with calcium, softening the plaque that is removed during chewing.

The use of these extracts must be accompanied by a consistent administration of water  which stimulates salivation and keeps the mouth clean. This is why the spray is the perfect format.

White hexagonal prismatic crystals. The best-known ingredient with refreshing and mildly analgesic properties. Menthol is also indicated to relieve toothache. Senior dogs thank you.

Kiss Me | Dental Spray
Kiss Me | Dental Spray
Kiss Me | Dental Spray
Kiss Me | Dental Spray