Treat your pup like royalty with these superior fillets. They are perfect for aiding your pup's growth and helping to repair body tissues. 

It is an oily fish, rich in vitamin B12, vitamin B6 and a high amount of vitamin B3. It is a food with a high iodine content (51 mg of iodine per 100 g of mackerel). Therefore, it greatly promotes the metabolism of our pets by regulating their energy levels and cellular functioning.

It improves cognitive states and helps them to strengthen the hair. The high vitamin B3 content of Canumi mackerel fillets makes it a beneficial food for the circulatory system. In addition, vitamin B3 helps them to have a better cardiovascular system. Vitamin B6 promotes muscle and bone development and proper functioning and may even help in the fight against cancer. Vitamin B12 is very beneficial during periods of pregnancy and lactation. It also helps our pet to have a proper functioning of the digestive system and thyroid gland.

One of the great benefits of mackerel is that it is a great antioxidant.

Content: 1 can of Natural Mackerel Fillets Atlantic Coast (100g)